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David S. Rowlands BSc(Hons),Ph.D.

David S. Rowlands

Associate Professor, School of Sport and Exercise
Director of Exercise Physiology and Metabolism Lab
Wellington Campus, Massey University,New Zealand

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research regarding
Effect of AQUA TITAN™/AQUA-TITANIUM™ on Running Performance and Achilles Tendon Compliance
The Effects of Uniquely-Processed Titanium on Balance and Walking Performance in Healthy Older Adults

Melissa J. Black, Adam A. Lucero, Philip W. Fink, Lee Stoner, Sarah P. Shultz, Sally D. Lark, David S Rowlands

Journal: MDPI 2018,09

Posted on 2018/10/03

Effect of microtitanium impregnated tape on the recovery of triceps surae musculotendinous function following strenuous running

Jonathan D Hughes, Philip W Fink, David F Graham and David S Rowlands

Journal: SpringerPlus 2013,2:653

Posted on 2014/03/06

Effect of whole-body microtitanium-treated garments on metabolic cost of exercise following strenuous exercise

David S. Rowlands, David F. Graham, Philip W. Fink, Daniel P. Wadsworth, Jonathan D. Hughes

Journal: Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport 2013

Posted on 2013/08/26

Aquatitan Garments Extend Joint Range of Motion without Effect on Run Performance

Daniel P. Wadsworth , Alan Walmsley , and David S.Rowlands

Posted on 2012/04/09

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